Parts of a Sentence

What are the parts of a sentence 

Hello friends, in this post I am going to tell you about the parts of the sentence. l'll do my best attempt to make understand you. Please read this post attentively.

There are two parts of a sentence

1. Subject
2. Predicate

Please study the sentences in the table given below :

Subject Predicate
He goes
Rahul played
They laughed
She wept
I sleep
Dogs bark
In the table every sentence has two parts

1. Subject 
The doer of the action

2. Predicate
Predicate is the part of a sentence which says something about the subject. It always contains a verb.

Please look at the table given below :

Subject Predicate
Qualifiers Head-words
A boy jumped
An elephant swims
The earth moves
My brother studied
Some students failed
Few girls weep
That dog bites

In above table every sentence has two parts- Subject and Predicate. Every subject has two parts Qualifiers and Had-word.

Subject Predicate
Qualifiers Head-word Verb
Determiner Adjective Noun
A fat boy jumped
The lazy fox died
Some pretty flowers faded
His younger sister wept
Those good boys studied
The black dog barks
A beautiful girl smiles

Look at the above table carefully. Subject has two parts Qualifier and Head-word. The head-word of every sentence is noun. Determiner and Adjective are the qualifiers of Head-word (Nouns). Remember Adjective is always placed between determiner and noun.
Now study one more table to understand subject's parts.
Subject Predicate
Determiner Adjective Noun Adjectival Phrase
A green bird sitting in the tree flew away
His younger sister in Mumbai is a famous actress
A beautiful girl of nine was selling baskets
The fat boy running on the road is my brother
An old man with a stick slipped

See above table Determiner, Adjective, Head-word and Adjectival Phrase are the parts of Subject. Determiners and Adjectives are placed before Head-word and Adjectival phrases are placed after Head-words.
Study the next table given below to understand subject in the form of Gerund.

Subject Predicate
Gerund (V+ing)
Walking is good for health
Smoking is harmful
Saving pays
Waiting tires me
Swimming is easy to learn

In the above sentences Subject has only one part that is called Head-word and takes ing form of the verb. Thus we come to know that the Head-word may be Noun, Pronoun or V-ing form (Gerund).

Subject Predicate
Infinitive (to + V)
To work is to worship
To pay the taxes is our duty
To save money is good for future
To work hard should be our motto
to err is human
In the above table Infinitive (to-V) has been used as a subject

Now study the table given below.

Subject Predicate
It is very hot today
It was winter
It is raining
It grew dark
It was six in the morning
There was a king
There are fourty students in our class
There is no difficulty
There lived a rich man in my village

In the above table the subject of every sentence is It or there. Word It is used as a pronoun also and word there is used as a adverb also but there is not used them as a pronoun or as an adverb. There is a different use. Word It can be called Natural It and word there can be called Introductory There.


In above passages you have read Subject has different parts like Determiner, Adjective, Noun, Adjective Phrase etc. The same way Predicate also has its different parts like Verb, Object, Compliment etc.
Study given below table to understand division of predicate.

Also Read

Subject Predicate
Verb Object Compliment
Indirect Direct
Raju gives her a white pen ------
The mother told us a story ------
The teacher teaches us english in the morning
Your brother had given me a book yesterday

Now study the table given below.

Subject Predicate
Verb Object (Direct) Object (Indirect)
Ravi gave a pen to me
My father sent a letter to him
The teacher teaches english to us
He promised all help to my brother

In above table we see that Indirect Object is put after Direct Object in that case we have to use 'to' before Indirect Object.

Use of 'about to' Hindi Se English Banane Ke Rules

Use of 'about to' hindi to english


हिंदी वाक्यों के अंत में वाला है, वाली है, वाले हैं, को है, को हैं, वाला था, वाली थी, वाले थे, को थे आदि शब्द आते हैं |
इसमें कार्य की निश्चितता को दर्शाया जाता है जो हाल ही में होने वाला होता है |

About to का use is, are, am के साथ

  1. अब मैं घर पहुँचने वाला हूँ |
  2. बारिश होने वाली है |
  3. सूरज  छिपने वाला है |
  4. प्रधान मंत्री जी स्टेज पर आने वाले हैं |
  5. लड़कियां स्कूल जाने वाली हैं |
  6. कुछ होने वाला है |
  7. दुकानें बंद होने वाली हैं |
  8. बम फटने वाला है |
  9. वह हँसने को है |
  10. वे लड़ने को हैं |


  1. Now I am about to reach home.
  2. It is about to rain.
  3. The sun is about to set.
  4. The prime minister is about to come on the stage.
  5. The girls are about to go to school.
  6. Something is about to happen.
  7. The shops are about to shut.
  8. The bomb is about to blast.
  9. She is about to laugh.
  10. They are about to quarrel.

About to का use is, are, am के साथ

  1. क्या चाँद चमकने वाला है ?
  2. क्या वह आने वाली है ?
  3. क्या डॉक्टर जाने वाला है ?
  4. क्या सूरज डूबने वाला है ?
  5. क्या दस बजने वाले हैं ?
  6. क्या कबूतर उड़ने वाला है ?
  7. क्या राधा स्टेज पर आने वाली है ?
  8. क्या बन्दर दीवार कूदने को है ?
  9. क्या स्कूल खुलने को है ?
  10. क्या दुकानें बंद होने को हैं ?


  1. Is the moon about to shine ?
  2. Is she about to come ?
  3. Is the doctor about to go ?
  4. Is the sun about to set ?
  5. Is it about to ten o'clock ?
  6. Is the pigeon about to fly ?
  7. Is Radha about to come on the stage ?
  8. Is the monkey about to jump over the wall ?
  9. Is the school about to open ?
  10. Are the shopes about to shut ?

About to का use was were के साथ

  1. ट्रेन चलने वाली थी |
  2. राधा स्टेज पर नाचने वाली थी |
  3. सुरैया स्कूल जाने वाली थी |
  4. भीड़ उग्र होने को थी |
  5. जहाज़ उड़ान भरने को थे |
  6. मंत्री जी कार से उतरने ही वाले थे |
  7. मैं फ़ोन काटने ही वाला था |
  8. सीमा फर्श पर फिसलने को थी |
  9. बन्दर पेड़ पर चढ़ने वाले थे |
  10. वह उसे गोली से मारने को था |


  1. The train was about to start.
  2. Radha was about to dance on the stage.
  3. Suryya was about to go to school.
  4. The mob was about to be furious.
  5. The aeroplanes were about to fly.
  6. The minister was about to get out of the car.
  7. I was about to end the call.
  8. Seema was about to slip on the floor.
  9. The monkies were about to climb in the tree.
  10. He was about to shoot him dead.

About to का use was, were के साथ

  1. क्या सूरज निकलने को था ?
  2. क्या राधा रोने को थी ?
  3. क्या पंछी उड़ने को थे ?
  4. क्या बारिश होने को थी ?
  5. क्या चोर भागने वाला था ?
  6. क्या स्कूल खुलने ही वाला था ?
  7. क्या डॉक्टर आने ही वाला था ?
  8. क्या रोगी मरने ही वाला था ?
  9. क्या कुत्ते भोंकने को थे ?
  10. क्या वह सोने वाली थी ?


  1. Was the sun about to rise ?
  2. Was Radha about to weep ?
  3. Were the birds about to fly ?
  4. Was it about to rain ?
  5. Was the thief about to run away ?
  6. Was the school about to open ?
  7. Was the doctor about to come ?
  8. Was the patient about to die ?
  9. Were the dogs about to bark ?
  10. Was she about to sleep ?

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English Speaking Se Related Kuchh Important Words


​ <
Word Meaning
Grand old man of Indian cinema भारतीय सिनेमा का भीष्म पितामह
One man army अकेला सवा लाख के बराबर
Entertainment मनोरंजन
Block Buster धूम मचा देने वाली फ़िल्म
Actor अभिनेता
Actress अभिनेत्री
Emerging star उभरता हुआ सितारा
Amuse मन बहलाना
Silent movie गूंगी फ़िल्म
He has yet to go a long way अभी तो उसे बहुत लंबा सफ़र तय करना है
Go down in history इतिहास रच डालना
Informative ज्ञान वर्धक
Celluloid रजत पटल
Educative शिक्षाप्रद
Public figure जनता के बीच प्रसिद्ध हस्ती
Spill one's guts अपने जोहर दिखाना
Show one's skill अपने करतब/कारनामे दिखाना
Pull terrific crowd अपार भीड़ खींचना
Ingredients of success सफलता के मसाले
Live from hand to mouth रोज़ कमाना रोज़ खाना
Obscenity अश्लीलता
Obscene अश्लील
Vulgarity अभद्रता
Vulgar अभद्र
Mislead गुमराह करना
Youth युवा
Crowd puller भीड़ खींचने वाला (फ़िल्म,अभिनेता)
Favourite actor/actress पसंदीदा अभिनेता/अभिनेत्री
Follow foot prints पद चिन्हों पर चलना
Booming voice गरजती हुई आवाज़
Give a new dimension नया आयाम देना
Dynamic actor/actress ज़बरदस्त अभिनेता/अभिनेत्री
Contribution योगदान
Incomparable अतुलनीय
Matchless बेजोड़ (Amitabh is matchless)
Highest paid actor सबसे मेहंगा कलाकार
Apeal जाँचना (आकृषित करना)
Highest paid actor सबसे महंगा कलाकार
Delicate नाज़ुक
Exposure अंग प्रदर्शन
Expose अंग प्रदर्शन करना
Make waves डंके बजा देना
Sink record रिकॉर्ड डुबा देना (तोडना)
Social film सामाजिक फिल्म
Leave indelible impression अमिट छाप छोड़ना
Leave bad effects बुरा प्रभाव डालना (छोड़ना)
Glamour चमक दमक/तड़क भड़क
Glamorous life चमक दमक वाली दुनिया
Escape from से बचना
Make debut से career की शुरुआत करना (जैसे- किसी फ़िल्म मैच आदि से
Debut film career की प्रथम फ़िल्म
Debutant पहली बार अभिनय करने वाला अभिनेता/अभिनेत्री
Then there was no looking back for him इसके बाद उसने पीछे मुड़ कर नहीँ देखा
Thrilling रोमांचक
Thrill रोमांच
Formula film मसाला फ़िल्म
Typed actor एक ही प्रकार का अभिनय करने वाला कलाकार
Meaningless अर्थहीन
Dramatic actor नाटकीय अंदाज़ का अभिनय करने वाला कलाकार
Suspense filled film सस्पेंस से भरी फ़िल्म
Put on wrong course गलत मार्ग पर डालना
Mar the career कैरियर बिगाड़ देना
fascinate मोहित कर देना
Freez understanding power सोचने समझने की क्षमता को जाम कर देना
Entertaining मनोरंजन करना
Flop फ्लॉप हो जाना
Cheap entertainment सस्ता मनोरंजन/घटिया मनोरंजन
Healthy entertainment स्वस्थ मनोरंजन
Picturise/shoot फिल्माना/शूटिंग करना
Face expression चेहरे के भाव
Mega hit बड़ी हिट
Dialogue delivery संवाद अदायगी
Education oriented शिक्षा प्रधान
New comer नया आने वाला (अभिनेता,फ़िल्म)
Dazzled by films फिल्मों की चकाचोंध में
Come in lime light प्रकाश में आना
Action packed film हिंसा से भरपूर फ़िल्म
Stout बलिष्ट शारीर वाला
Multi dimensional बहुआयामी व्यक्तित्व वाला
Star studd सितारों से जड़ी हुई
Role model अनुकरणीय (आदर्श)व्यक्तित्व
Dazzle चोंधिया देना
Cheapest source of entrrtainment मनोरंजन का सबसे सस्ता साधन
Multi starer film बहुत से सितारों वाली फ़िल्म
Amitabh is over the hills अमिताभ में अब वो बात नहीँ रही
Melody queen सुर सम्राज्ञी
Melody king सुर सम्राट


Word Meaning
Find time समय निकलना/पाना
Old melodies पुराने मधुर गीत
Melodious music मधुर संगीत
Cricket freak क्रिकेट का दीवाना
Feel like इच्छा करना
Devote time समय लगाना
Keep one fit चुस्त दुरुस्त रखना
Touch the strings of heart दिलों के तारों को छू देना
Indivisible part अभिन्न अंग
Literary taste साहित्यिक लगाव
Impart (knowledge) देना (ज्ञान)
Pass time समय बिताना
Good amount of time अच्छा खासा समय
Assets of life जीवन की धरोहर/संपत्ति
Underestimate कम करके आंकना
Inspire प्रेरित करना
Source of inpiration प्रेरणा स्रोत
Ear-pleasing music कर्णप्रिय संगीत
Ear-splitting music कान फोड़ू संगीत
Fond of का शौकीन
Hactic life भागा दौड़ी का जीवन
Deafen बहरा कर देना
Apeal जांचना, आकर्षित करना,भाना
Heal (wound) भरना (घाव)
Worth seeing देखने योग्य
Classical music शास्त्रीय संगीत
Western music पाश्चात्य संगीत
Lyrics गीत के बोल
Defuse (tension) कम करना (तनाव)
Rhythm ताल/लय
Foot taping (music) कदम थिरका देने वाला (संगीत)
Relieve one of tension तनाव से मुक्त कराना
Bewitching voice जादुई आवाज़
Haunting music/song दिल को झकझोर कर रख देने वाला संगीत/गीत
Educative शिक्षाप्रद
Informative ज्ञानवर्धक
Cultural legacy सांस्कृतिक विरासत
Tune strings तार साधना


Word Meaning
Perform upto the mark उम्मीद के मुताबिक प्रदर्शन करना
Perform below the mark उम्मीद से कम प्रदर्शन करना
Uplift उत्थान करना
Plight दुर्दशा
Miserable condition दयनीय स्थिति
Perform miserably घटिया प्रदर्शन करना
Live upto hopes आशाओं पर खरा उतरना
Sports event खेल स्पर्धा
Make tall claims बड़े बड़े दावे करना
Turn out to be a damp squib टाँय टाँय फिस्स हो जाना
Under pressure दबाव में
Yield to के आगे झुक जाना
Traditional game परम्परागत खेल
Deep rooted गहरी जड़े समाये हुए
Hollow (N)(V) खोखला/खोखला करना
Roots जड़ें
From top to bottom ऊपर से नीचे तक
Make marry मोज मस्ती उड़ाना
He is concerned with his own affairs उन्हें तो बस अपनी पड़ी है
They have nothing to do with the country उन्हें देश से कुछ लेना देना नहीं
Disgrace कलंकित कर देना
Bring fame to प्रसिद्धि दिलाना
Bring shame to शर्मिन्दा कर देना
Self seeking मतलबी
Sole purpose एकमात्र उद्देश्य
Lack of devotion समर्पण का अभाव
In the large interest of के व्यापक हित में
Devoted समर्पित
These players stand nowhere ये खिलाडी कहीं नहीं ठहरते
Rival प्रतिद्वंदी
Talent प्रतिभा
Talented प्रतिभावान
Emerge उभरना
Suppress दमन करना
Exploit शोषण करना
Demoralise मनोबल गिराना
Dominate पर हावी होना
Nepotism भाई भतीजावाद
Favouritism पक्षपात
Boost the morale होसला बढ़ाना
On moral grounds नैतिक आधार पर
Killing instinct मारक क्षमता
Under the captaincy of की कप्तानी में
Lead the team टीम का नेतृत्व करना
Flourish फलना फूलना
Friction (break out) मन मुटाव (हो जाना)
Vie with से होड़ करना
Second to none किसी से कम नहीं
Recognise मान्यता प्रदान करना
Do proud to सर फख्र से ऊँचा कर देना
Participate हिस्सा लेना
Pay attention to की ओर ध्यान देना
Ignor अनदेखा करना
Ray to hope उम्मीद की किरण
Pass through a bad phase एक बुरे दौर से गुज़रना
Commited to के प्रति वचनबद्ध
Go unrewarded अपुरस्कृत जाना
Frustration कुंठा
Frustrated कुंठित
Firm determination दृढ निष्चय
Firmly determined दृढ निश्चयी
Promising career (as in sports) उज्जवल भविष्य
livelihood आजीविका
Earn कामाना
Nationalism राष्ट्रवाद
Expel बाहर निकलना
Lake of talent प्रतिभा की कमी
World class player अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर का खिलाडी
Adequate पर्याप्त
Inadequate अपर्याप्त
Compared to के मुकाबले
Sports authorities खेल अधिकारी
Return empty handed खली हाथ लौटना
Encourage उत्साहवर्धन करना
Promote (sports, players etc. बढ़ावा देना

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SEO Kya Hai Kaise Kam Karta Hai Complete Guide Hindi me

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) kya hai ? SEO kaise kaam karta hai ? Blog ke liye SEO kyon zaruri hai in sab sawalo ke jawab aapko is post mein mil jayenge bas aap is post ko attentionally aakhir tak padhe

SEO kya hai (What is SEO) 

Newbe bloggers ko aksar yeh sawal bahut pareshan karta hai ki aakhir yeh SEO hai kya cheez to aaiye mein aapko batata hu SEO kya hai SEO kise kehte hain SEO ki full form to aap jaan hi gaye honge Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine to aap jante hi honge Search Engine ko hindi me translate kare to Search Engine ka hindi roopantaran Khoj Engine (खोज इंजन) hota hai yaha par hum jis search engine ki baat kar rahe hain uska matlab Web Search Engine se hai arthat Internet Search Engine jo ek aisa software system hai jiske madhyam se aap internet par koi bhi particular information search kar sakte hain Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. sab Search Engine hain

Kisi browser mein jab kisi particular information se related kuchh words type karke search karte hain to hamare samne us particular information ke bare mein ek search result show hota hai jise show karne ka kaam search engine karta hai ab asp samajh gaye honge search engine se kya hota hai to aaiye ab hum optimization ki baat karte hain   

Optimization ko hindi me anukulan (अनुकूलन) kehte hain matlab kisi chiz ko apne anukool banana Optimization means the act of making something as good as possible 

Is parkar search engine optimization ka arth hai search engine ko apne anukool banana jisse hamare blog ki har post search result mein first page par show ho sake har blogger yeh chahta hai ki uska blog pure world mein famous ho aur har blogger ki yeh ichchha hoti hai ki uske dwara likhi gaee partiyek post search result mein first page par show honi chahiye jiske liye blogger ko search engine ko optimise karna hota hai aur SEO friendly post likhni hoti hai jisse search engine use search result mein first page par show kar sake

Hum Search Engine ko Optimize Kyon Kare 

Newbe blogger ke dimag mein yeh sawal aa sakta ki hum search engine ko optimise kyon kare yeh kyon zaruri hai aur iske kya benefits hain jaha tak mera khyal hai upper ke lekh mein aapko in sab sawalo ka jawab mil gaya hoga aur agar nahi mila hai to main aapko fir se batana chahunga ki agar aap apne aap ko world ke karodo logo ke samne upasthit karna chahte hain to iske liye ya to U Tube par video dalkar aap apne aapko logo ke samne pesh kar sakte ho ya fir content likhkar apni baat ko dusro tak pahuchaya ja sakta hai 

Content likhne ke liye blog banana hota hai blog mein jo bhi post aap likhte ho agar aap use dusro tak pahunchana chahte ho to us post ka search result mein first page par aana zaruri hai aur kisi bhi post ko first page par lana koi aasan kaam nhi hai kyonki jis topic par bhi aap content likhoge us topic par already hi sekdo content likhe ja chuke hain in sekdo ko pichhe chhodkar apni post ko search result mein first top lana kafi mushkil kaam hai is mushkil kaam ko solve karne ke liye SEO ki jankari hona bahut zaruri hai Search Engine Optimization ke dwara hi hum apni post ko search result mein first page par show kar sakte hain

Search Engine ko Optimise Kaise Kare

SEO par sekdo post likhi ja  sakti hain but hum yaha par Basically On Page SEO aur Off Page SEO ke bare me charcha karenge 

On-Page SEO

On Page SEO mein blog ki ek post ko rank karna hota hai jisse voh search result mein first page par show ho sake

1. Post Title

Post title aisa create kijiye ki visitor ki nazar padte hi vah uski detail padhne ki ichchha kare jis topic par post likh rahe ho uske keywords post title mein zarur use kare taki search result mein pehle page par rank ho sake

2. Heading Tag

Post likhte samay headings h1, h2, h3, h4 ka use bhi SEO me liye labhdayak hai dhyan rahe ki headings mein bhi adhiktar keywords use karne ki koshish kare

3. Meta Description

Meta description SEO ke liye bahut important hota hai search result mein post title ke niche jo description show hota hai use hi Meta Description kehte hain yeh search description box mein likha jata hai but yeh zaruri nhi hai ki aapne jo meta description likha hai search engine use hi show karega vah aapki post se ek do line lekar bhi search result mein show kar sakta hai

4. Parmalink Structure

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Parmalink Structure SEO ke liye bahut important hai yaha mein suggest karna chahunga ki aap custom parmalink use kare custom parmalink me keywords use kare aur short parmalink create kare

5. Images 

Images se bhi SEO ko benefit hota hai aajkal log images ko dekhna zyada pasand karte hain images mein keywords ka use zarur kare issue surely search engine optimization mein benefit hoga 

6. Post Length

Post ki length jitni zyada hogi SEO ke liye utni hi better hai partyek post mein minimum 1000+ word hone chahiye long post ko search engine mein first page par rank milne ke chance adhik hote hain

7. Internal Links

Internal Linking SEO ke liye bahut zaruri hai Internal Link ka arth hai apne blog ki ek post ka link usi blog ki dusri post me add karna aisa karne se visitors hamare blog par adhik der tak tike rehte hain 

8. External Links

Ek blog ya website me kisi dusri blog ya website ka link dalna external link kehlata hai External links ko rank power increase karne ka important source kaha jata hai

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO ke antargat adhiktar link building ke dwara site par traffic badhana aata hai yeh seo ka bahut impotant factor hai isse site ki rank increase hoti hai magar dhyan rehe Off Page SEO par koi bhi action lene se pehle On Page SEO ka complete hona bahut zaruri hai to aaiye ab jante hain Off Page SEO se related kuchh activities ke bare me

1. Search Engine Submission

Koi bhi blog ya website create karne me baad sabse pehla kaam hota hai uske bare me search engine ko inform karna jisse search engine use index karke search result me show kar sake yeh partyek blog ya website me liye atyant aavashyak hai kuchh pramukh search engine is parkar hai


2. Articles Submission

Internet par aisi bahut si sites hain jo hame articles publish karne ki suvidha pradan karti hain iske liye aap apni website se related ek article likhte hain jise demo article kaha ja sakta hai is demo article me hum apni site ke main articles ke link dalkar use un websites me submit kar dete hain jo article submission ki facility provide karti hain article submission karne wali kuchh websites

3. Media Submission

Agar aap apne blog ya website ko famous karna chahte hain aur apni site par adhik traffic increase karna chahte hai to apni site ko social media se zarur jode

Google Plus

4. Blog Commenting

5. Use of Guest Post

6. Question Answer Forum

7. Directory Submission

8. Bookmarking

9. Slide Share

10. Infographic Submission

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