Daily life में use होने वाले sentence

1- It is very easy to find a new one but it is hard to find a true one.

2- Which of your teachers do you like most ?

3- I work in a big company.

4- How was your day ?

5- Loving you is like breathing.

6- She will work there up to next sunday.

7- Education is a powerful weapon.

8- I'm Indian where are you from ?

9- She want to improve her skills in English. 

10- He is worried about his exams.

11- I've seen that film before.

12- Would you like listening to classical music.

13- Your degree is just a piece of paper your education is seen in your behavior.

14- I wanna have a selfie with you.

15- The routes of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.

16- Love is the beauty of the soul.

17- What is your best wish in life ?

18- What do you want to be in future ?

19- Please keep it secret.

20- Whom do you love most in your life ?

21- If I were you, I would given him a good retort.

22- If I were a bird, I would fly around the world.

23- I will not let you go.

24- What is the economic condition of our country ?

25- Where are you from ?

26- Every mistake is experience.

27- He is at the point of death.

28- I will think over this matter.

29- I just want to take coffee.

30- I just want to be happy.

31- I'm busy right now. I'm studying for exam.

32- Which one is correct.

33- He is going to school on foot.

34- I'm confused.

35- I'm still learning english so please speak slowly.

36- He soon will return home.

37- It is getting dark.

38- Walk slowly, lest you should slip.

39- Why look you so upon me ?

40- I don't have time to explain.

41- I didn't mean to heart your feelings.

42- I promise not to tell.

43- I was busy working at home.

44- I'm working on a big project

45- I'm sorry to be so late.

46- It is my turn to pay for lunch.

47- I think you should join a study group.

48- I have heard that you want to leave your job.

49- I would like to explain myself.

50- I'm trying to understand.

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