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Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Quiz Exercise of Past Perfect Tense

Complete the following sentences by using Past Perfect Tense.

(1) I had already ..... a glass of milk.


(2) He had gone before I ......


(3) The patient ...... before the doctor came.

had died

(4) I had ..... a song before.


(5) I had got up before the sun .....


(6) The next month, we ...... to Delhi.

had gone

(7) He had not ..... his monthly fee last month.


(8) Our team ...... the cricket match last week.

had won

(9) Captain Luther had gone out when I ..... the office.


(10) Electrisity ....... out before I ..... home.

had gone, reached

(11) I had never ..... such a beautiful sight before.


(12) I ..... have any book because I had lost my beg.

did not

(13) They had not ..... him well before his familiers .....

repaired, came

(14) Had you ..... to go abroad at that time ?


(15) I had already read the news many times before he ..... at the newspaper.


(16) Had you ..... such a movie before ?


(17) I had never ..... in aeroplane before I ..... to Dubai

flown, went

(18) It was first time when I met him, I had ..... him before.

never seen

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