Idioms and Phrases

परीक्षा में Idiom and Phrases का question पूछा जाता है । इसमें Idioms and Phrases का sentences में ऐसा use करना चाहिए जिससे उनका meaning clear होजाये | यहाँ इनके meanings इसलिए दिये जा रहे हैं, जिससे इनका प्रयोग आपकी समझ में आ सके । exam में इनका meaning नहीं लिखना चाहिए ना हिंदी में ना english में ।

Phrasal Verbs

  1. Act on (प्रभाव डालना)--- The drug has acted on his mind.
  2. Act for (किसी के स्थान पर कार्य करना)--- Mr Verma acted for the manager in the month of August.
  3. Bear in mind (ध्यान रखना)--- You must bear in mind that you can fall if you run fast.
  4. Blow down (गिराना)--- The storm has blown down several houses today.
  5. Break out (फैलना)--- A fire broke out in the forest yesterday.
  6. Break into (नकब लगाना, सेंध मारना)--- A thief broke into this house yesterday.
  7. Bring up (पालन करना)--- His elder brother brought him up with love after the death of his parents. 
  8. Bring out (प्रकट करना, समझाना)--- Our class teacher often told us a story to bring out the meaning of a lesson.
  9. Bring out (प्रकाशित करना)--- Our publication house has recently brought out a new edition of Intermediate English Guide
  10. Call off (समाप्त करना)--- The strike of the factory workers has been called off.
  11. Carry out (पालन करना)--- She agreed to carry out my ordrers.
  12. Carry on (प्रबंध करना, चलाना) His son carried on his business properly while he away.
  13. Come across (to meet by chance मिल जाना)--- Rahul came across his schoolmate in the exhibition.
  14. Come down (fall गिरना)--- The price of milk may come down next month.
  15. Come round (ठीक होना)--- My grandfather is ill these days. I hope he will come round soon.
  16. Fall out (quarell)--- He said that your brother has fallen out.
  17. Fall flat (कोई प्रभाव न होना)--- His advice fall flat on his younger sister.
  18. Fall in (गिरना)--- The roof of my house fell in due to earthquake.
  19. Fall on (attack आक्रमण करना, टूट पड़ना)--- Our brave soldiers fell on the enemies and made them run.
  20. Get out (निकलना, बाहर आना)--- A boy fell into a pond and could not get out.
  21. Get out (leave a place चले जाना)--- The teacher asked the boy to get out of the room.
  22. Get up (जागना)--- To get up early in the morning is good for health.
  23. Give up (छोड़ना)--- She has given up songwriting because of headache.
  24. Give in (हर मान लेना)--- Ravi will never give in.It is useless to waste time in persuading him.
  25. Keep on (जारी रखना)--- Some people kept on fighting in the street till t7he police came.
  26. Look after (देखभाल करना)--- His elder brother look after him. So he can devote his time to his studies.
  27. Look for (तलाश करना)--- I'm looking for the book you had given me yesterday.
  28. Make out (समझना)--- The essay is so difficult that I can not make out its sense.
  29. Pass away (die मरना)--- Her grandpa passed away last night.
  30. Pass through (से गुज़ारना)--- A poor man has to pass through many troubles in his life.
  31. Put on (पहनना)--- He has gone into the bathroom to put on his clothes.
  32. Put off (उतारना)--- Put off your cap for some time.
  33. Run after (पीछा करना)--- The police is running after the thief.
  34. Take off (हटाना, remove)--- He took off the cover of refrigerator after some time.
  35. Take up (घेरना)--- The bus took up too much place.
  36. Turn out (बाहर निकालना)--- Yesterday the class teacher turned him out because he was late.

Idiomatic Expressions

  1. A bed of roses (सरल कार्य)--- To climb on a mountain is not a bed of roses.
  2. A red letter day (महत्वपूर्ण अवसर)--- In the history of our India, 26th january is a red letter day.
  3. A bone of contention (झगडे की जड़)--- This house is a bone of contention amoung these brothers.
  4. Apple of discord (झगडे का कारण)--- This bike is an apple of discord between these two brothers.
  5. According to (अनुसार)--- Yesterday she acted according to my suggestion.
  6. By and by (धीरे-धीरे)--- If you decide to work hard you can get a good position by and by.
  7. By leaps and bounds (दिन दूनी, रात चौगुनी)--- Under the guidance of my brother your company is progressing by leaps and bounds.
  8. Come to pass (घटित होना)--- He was driving the car very fast when the accident came to pass.
  9. Die in harness (कर्तव्यपालन करते हुए मरना)--- Our country's many soldiers died in harness at border when Chaina attacked India. 
  10. For the sake of (के लिए)--- He has done all this only for the sake of your good.
  11. Face to face (आमने सामने)--- Yesterday in a village our soldiers and terrorists stood face to face and started firing.
  12. Get rid of (छुटकारा पाना)--- I did not go to his house because I wanted to get rid of his company.
  13. Hot water (संकट)--- He told me that his elder brother is in hot water nowadays.
  14. Hand in hand (साथ साथ)--- Rahul and Modi walked hand in hand for some time in the park.
  15. Hue and cry (आपत्ति, कोलाहल)--- When the teacher came into the room there was much hue and cry against strict rules.
  16. Ins and outs (पूर्ण विवरण)--- The police ordrered him to describe the ins and outs of the matter.
  17. In black and white (लिखकर)--- please give me in black and white what you want to say.
  18. In order to (लिए)--- In order to earn his living he left his village and went to Delhi.
  19. Lose patience (धैर्य खोना)--- You should not hope for success in life if you lose patience in face of difficulties.
  20. Nul and void (प्रभावहीन)--- The district court has declared the proceeding of the Town Area Committee Meeting nul and void.
  21. Nip in the bud (आरम्भ में ही समाप्त कर देना)--- He nips the evils in the bud because he is wise and has a good experience about that.
  22. On behalf of (पक्ष में)--- He said nothing on behalf of the accused. 

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