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Quiz Exercise of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Complete the following sentences by using Past Perfect Continuous Tense. 

(1) He had been ..... for his relatives for over two hours.


(2) I ..... playing cricket on this ground for six months.

had been

(3) These three girls had not been doing their homework ..... Monday.


(4) Had some football players ..... football for two weeks.

been playing

(5) The play back singer had been repeating a song again and again ..... morning.


(6) These two sisters had been studying in this university ..... 2016.


(7) How ..... your father been running his business alone ..... two years ?

had, for

(8) He had been applying for teacher job ..... 2010.


(9) She had been trying to qualify 10th class ..... many years.


(10) I had been working in this company ..... last year.


(11) Some poor students of our college had not been paying their monthly fee ..... six months.


(12) Jack and Jill had been gossiping in the classroom ..... two hours.


(13) Why ..... Tom been eating jam ..... ten minutes ?

had, for

(14) I had not been ..... a romantic poem since morning.


(15) Why ..... you not been working hard ..... two years

had, for

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